You know you are an Indian when...

You know you are an Indian when...

- when you introduce your partner to parents as ‘just friends’

- when you can't admit to society that you really met your partner on an online dating site.

- when marriage is expected to immediately result in a baby in the carriage.

- when single parents are asked to compromise when they enter a new relationship.

- You know you’re Indian when “marriage is the only acceptable relationship”.

- when neighbors seem more stressed that you’re single.

- when grades speak more than intelligence.

- when a hefty salary has more value than character for grooms.

- when fair skin and cooking skills are more important than character

- for brides.

-  when your aunt’s neighbor’s friend’s cousin’s sister wants to know

when you’ll have children.

-  when you are made to feel guilty for divorcing.

- when you get judged for live-in relationships.

-  You know you’re Indian when guilt trips have somehow become a way of life.

-  You know you’re Indian when you are pressured to get married as soon as you hit 25.

Some things need to change. We hope you will join us in being part of this change.