Will marriage become obsolete?

Witness the changing face of marriage in India as traditions blend with modernity. Explore the rise of pre-marital compatibility, growing acceptance of divorce, and the emergence of alternative, committed partnerships, including cohabitation and companionship

Will marriage become obsolete?

Marriage has been a traditional and formal institution since the beginning of time being a social and a legal contract. In India, marriage has always been seen as a sacred bond between two individuals and their families.

Will marriages become obsolete in India? Certainly not – they are here to stay. In fact, with changing times, we are only going to see more marriages taking place as compared to before. Having said this, we will see changes in how marriages are looked at.

Earlier, marriages used to be arranged by our parents or elders in the family. But now, we are seeing a trend where the boy and girl get to know each other before tying the knot. This is giving rise to more compatible and successful marriages.

The process of staying married to the same person for life will only happen if it is a healthy relationship. Divorce in unhealthy relationships is being accepted as compared to earlier. What we will experience is individuals marrying more than once, in some cases more than twice, in search of compatibility and a healthy relationship.

In recent years, it is being observed that more and more Indians are choosing to get married later in life. This is due to several factors, including the increasing cost of living, the need to establish a career before starting a family, and the desire to wait for the perfect partner.

While there is no denying that marriages in India are here to stay, there also is a growing acceptance for other forms of serious relationship. Especially with a lot more people opting for live-in (also known as domestic partnership or cohabiting which is legal in India) and companionship where the couple is in a committed relationship with preference to live under separate roofs.

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