What is the role of TRUST in a RELATIONSHIP

What is the role of TRUST in a RELATIONSHIP

by Shalini

We cannot live our lives without trust. We trust that the construction company builds our homes so that they will shelter us from the weather and predators. We trust that the companies supplying our food follow the necessary hygiene and protocol standards. We trust that other drivers will follow traffic rules, so they won’t cause an accident. We trust teachers to educate our children so that they can navigate life and careers. We trust governments to protect us and govern us fairly. We trust banks to keep our wealth safe. We trust that doctors are competent enough to heal us when we are sick. The list goes on.

Why do we trust? Because there are so many things that are not in our control or we are not competent do them ourselves. We cannot possibly do everything on our own. We have no choice but to rely on others for certain things and trust that they know what they are doing and will do right by us to the best of their ability. If they don’t and the trust is broken it harms not only us but also them. Lack of trust can damage professional reputations, bankrupt companies, and cause governments to fall.

When it comes to relationships, trust is the foundation stone on which they are created.  To build a long sustainable relationship we must be able to trust our partners. The difference in a relationship is that we not only make the choice of whom we trust but also it takes time to build. Trust in an intimate relationship is something which has to be earned. We must be able to trust that the person we are going to share our life, our dreams, our fears and most importantly our hearts with, will not betray us in any way. Not just in the moment but for the journey we are hoping to make together.

Trust is a powerful force that binds two individuals, keeping them together despite the challenges that life throws at them. One could say that trust is more critical than love to revive even a dying relationship. For any relationship to work both partners must be able to trust each other. If it is a one-way street, where only partner trusts the other, then it is not likely that the relationship will last long. Once trust is broken within the relationship, it is almost impossible to rebuild it. It will take a lot of patience and effort to overcome the betrayal and the doubts tend to linger in the mind of the betrayed.

The best way to build trust in a relationship that we want to last, is to be totally honest. All the time. No secrets, no lies, no hidden agendas. Being upfront, straight forward, truthful, and compassionate are behaviors that nurture trust in a serious relationship. Emotions can be intense in a relationship and being able to trust that your partner will be compassionate and understand you despite emotional outbursts is the glue that holds the relationship together.

“Trust is like a mirror. You can fix it if it is broken but you can still see the cracks in the reflection” Anon

as appeared in Urban Asian