What is the Right Age to Be in a Relationship?

What is the Right Age to Be in a Relationship?

I meet several people in their 30s and beyond who say they are keen to be in a relationship but feel they have missed boarding the “bus of the acceptable age to be in a relationship”. They also voice their concerns of not being sure of the reactions of others, of being the butt of jokes among their friends and family and being called desperate if they state an interest of being in a relationship.

In their growing up years, every individual dreams of a successful and an everlasting relationship. By the time we usher in the 20s, there is looming pressure to be in a committed relationship. This “social pressure” coaxes a lot of couples to make a judgemental error in choosing their partner. Those who are not paired are viewed with raised eyebrows as if they lack in meeting societal standards.

A thought worth mulling over is, in our 20s our priorities are completing our professional studies and finding a job and then climbing the corporate rung. How many of us have the time to invest into a committed relationship?

Then as things begin to settle down, priorities get fulfilled, we are interested in forming a relationship with dreams of a lasting future, being married, having children, buying a home and much more. This is the time when we are actually growing up, being independent and understanding things.

Modern day relationships, with both couple being ambitious, seeking independence, self-worth, and making a difference in life at home and work, do not follow any set stereotypes. It is important to acknowledge that relationship needs don’t have a cookie cutter model, one size definitely does not fit all.

Given the modern day hustle both men and women face, it is important to acknowledge that one should be in a relationship when one is ready to do so emotionally and psychologically.

A relationship brings in warmth, love, companionship but this comes at a cost of continuously working and building the bond. The individuals involved should be ready to take the ownership and responsibility to keep it going. This ownership to invest in a relationship comes to people at different times, for some they experience this in their 20s, some in their 30s , some in 40s, some in 50s or beyond and there are possibilities that some may not experience this emotion ever.

What may be the right time to be in a relationship is defined by several factors:

–          Post completing personal and professional priorities

–          Not met ‘the one’

–          Feel equipped to take the ownership of a relationship

Simply put, the correct age to be in a relationship is when ones feels ready. It is also important to understand that some people meet their life partner as soon as they search for one, while for others it might be a while but every bit worth the wait.

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