What does an Urban Indian man in his 40’s seek from a relationship

What does an Urban Indian man in his 40’s seek from a relationship

By the time we reach our 40s, there are many possible paths one’s life may have taken to get us to where we are, writes Saurabh…

I guess one cannot date in 40s without considering how one came to be dating in 40s. Is it that you have never been relationship? Or is it that your relationship has come to an end? Whatever the answer, it affects one’s perspective.” For example, if you have never been in a relationship, but still hope to have children, you may approach dating with more of a sense of urgency than someone who has already done the whole family thing. And someone who still has young children at home will invariably have to approach dating differently from an empty-nester. Like it or not, these are factors that will come into play in determining with whom you are compatible,”

Maybe you have had your fair share of frustration, rejection, and heartache, but while you cannot erase your past, you can certainly learn from it. In fact, when you are in our 40s, you can really make use of those life experiences.

Everyone’s journey is unique and each one of us has different needs ….the good thing about dating in the 40’s and trying to find that right partner is the increased sense of self awareness, confidence and the very fact that you are out there trying to start fresh ….with the hope and belief that it’s not all over.

Whether one is seeking something casual, companionship, marriage or what is increasingly becoming acceptable for the urban “ friends with benefits “ and then there are some who are out there waiting to be swept off ones feet as they find true love…it should all be ok !

Only piece of advice or a friendly tip that I would give to anyone my age out there trying to date is to be honest to yourself and most importantly to the person you are meeting about whatever your life situation might be ! It’s hard, but very refreshing! Do not be reckless with people’s heart and don’t put up with people who are reckless with yours!

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