What do Urban Indians expect from their romantic relationship? An expert opines

What do Urban Indians expect from their romantic relationship? An expert opines

They say, “love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” However romantic and perfect it may sound, Urban Indians are practical, they know that love is imperfectly perfect. People look forward to relationships as it allows them to have someone special to share their lives with. Everyone has their own view of a perfect partner. Even though every expectation is unique, here are some broad aspects that an Urban Indian looks for in their romantic relationships.

Redefining romanticism

An urban Indian is defining stability beyond marriage in a meaningful relationship. A couple may or may not decide to marry at all but doesn’t like to be judged by society if they opt for live-in relationship or companionship as alternative forms of a committed relationship. They are accepting of all types of committed relationships and they want their families to bestow similar respect on their partner, inviting them for family occasions as they would if they were married.

Freedom in the relationship

This includes several aspects of freedom. Freedom to find a partner of the same or the opposite gender, freedom to adopt or not have children, freedom for a married woman to support her parents financially if required, freedom to decide when to enter into a committed relationship. The Urban Indian is asking for freedom from standard societal norms which are forced upon them under the garb of tradition.

Understanding neutrality of gender roles

In a heterosexual relationship, if a woman chooses to be the bread-earner and a man opts to be the homemaker, there should be no judgement. Chores have no gender. Urban Indians believe that the age-old stereotypical division of responsibilities should come to an end.


An urban Indian is seeking acceptance of both genders being equal. Both urban Indian men and women want the sense of emotional, financial, social and religious equality. Each partner’s interests and choices should be equally respected and valued rather than one particular person dominating a relationship. In India, romantic relationships between the two include the union of their families, and the respect should be extended to them as well.

Extension of support

Urban Indian couples want their families and the society to extend their hands in support of who they choose to be or what they want to do without acute judgements.
Being in a relationship does not have to mean losing one’s individuality. The society has set gender roles since time immemorial, however, Urban Indians are making choices that would make them happy, not giving into out of date traditions and judgements.

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