There is an alternative to marriage – why not consider it?

Unveil the beauty of commitment beyond marriage. Break free from societal norms, explore domestic partnerships, and celebrate love in all its forms. Join the conversation on relationship expectations at andwemet.

There is an alternative to marriage – why not consider it?

A loving committed relationship is a beautiful thing. It is about 2 individuals deciding to be in a union. It is about two families coming together.

The most common & socially accepted arrangement is a marriage. In fact the proverbial fairy- tale wedding is something many girls dream about. It is certainly something that families prepare for even as their children complete their teens. However, lovely as it may sound, it can also be stressful for many.

There are many who wish to be in a committed relationship but are wary of marriage

Some may feel that marriage is just a label, and they can be just as committed without that label. Many also have concerns that marriage will somehow change things between the couple, especially because of societal pressures. Especially for women where they need to make countless changes in their lives from changing their last name in all official documents, to being told that they need to leave their parents homes and consider their married home to be theirs, to abiding the ways of their ‘new home’.  There is a sense of ‘change of ownership’ for the women from her parents’ home to her husband’s home and this can create a loss of identity and not being able to understand why. This can be overwhelming for many and can impact the best of relationships.

Behave like a married couple without marrying

Yes, this is possible, it is called domestic partnership and is legal in India.  Domestic partnership is considered as being equivalent to marriage without any legal bindings and avoids the financial hardship of a traditional wedding.

However, given our deep-rooted societal norms, those looking to enter into domestic partnerships need to feel very secure from within and find a partner who shares the same view as you.

Would it not be lovely if families accept the couple living-in as domestic partners by celebrating this announcement with family and friends. After all love is love- no matter the label.

So, go ahead and plan that big shaadi, if that’s what brings you joy. We have marriage, domestic partnership, companionship, undecided as relationship expectations on andwemet.

What’s it going to be for you? Let the conversations begin!