A beautiful love story of Swati and Manu on andwemet online dating site

A beautiful love story of Swati and Manu on andwemet online dating site

16 years and counting…

How did you and your significant other meet?

It was the summer of 2003, our first day in college when I (Swati) requested for a handbook from a tall lean male from Panchkula. To my utter astonishment this classmate of mine denied me the book with a blatant no. A few days later this class fellow of mine took courage to greet me amid a busy bazaar, to which he received a vengeful snap. From 2003–2005 we traversed from being an acquaintance, friends, a dating couple until we got married in December 2006.

Since how many years have you been together?

We have been together for 16 years now. We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary in December 2018.

What keeps you going as a couple?

Over the years what helps us in re-igniting our relationship-

o Irrespective of the differences, we have realized we cannot live without each other.

o We are brutally honest with each other

o We show and realize the little gestures that we care for each other.

How do you overcome challenges in the relationship?

Perfection is a very overrated word, over the years we are learning to accept each other as we are. We overcome our challenges by keeping an open mind and communicating well. We simply “talk it out.”

Why do you think yours is a beautiful story

Ours is a beautiful story as we have learnt to stay together and nurture our belongingness with each other. Over the years and as a family we have built our little space of “you, me and us.”

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