Stop! No blame-game post a break-up

Stop! No blame-game post a break-up

When 2 individuals decide to become exclusive post dating for some time, they both hope that 'the exclusivity' will lead to a committed relationship. While many relationships may have a happy ending, there are many that end up breaking.

Breakups hurt, and a lot. While it's okay to feel bad, even terrible, but one should be conscious to not get caught in blaming the person you were with. Or blame yourself for investing and trusting in the failed relationship. Doing so will lead to self-doubt and vulnerability which is likely to lead into impulsive decisions, like entering a new relationship for self-validation, which should be avoided as it can be emotionally detrimental.

The smart way to manage a breakup is to accept the hurt and sadness that looms around it. Post acceptance, it is important to invest in self-introspection and self-reflection without placing blame on self or the person you were with. Doing this helps you come out stronger and ready for a new relationship if at all.

It is a known fact that for a healthy romantic relationship, it's crucial to have a healthy relationship with oneself. Avoiding the blame game during the breakup allows in achieving this.

While breakups hurt, they are not the end of the world, and they should not be treated as such. We are smart, thinking beings, which means pragmatism should prevail when it's needed, especially in romantic relationships. Let's date smartly, mindfully without self-doubt, vulnerability, or pressure. Doing this will make you enjoy the journey of finding your person which will result in you enjoying the relationship. The poll shared was taken by 300 individuals where 40% blame themselves for investing in a relationship which did not pan out. The attitude here needs to be reconsidered in case the individual will want to seek romantic love.