Single in 30's / 40's why is it a surprise?

Discover the real challenges of singlehood, from workplace biases to societal assumptions. Let's break the stereotypes together.

Single in 30's / 40's why is it a surprise?

Manav was a star at work. He too enjoyed what he did till one day he left everyone in shock by putting in his papers. Manav, single, 42 told his friend that the reason for leaving his current job was because when asked for 3 weeks leave, he was questioned on the duration of the holiday given he was unmarried. This did not go well with Manav, more so as this comment came from someone from the management. This is a true incident; it took place in November 2022

This is also a true incident; it took place in February 2023. Anokhi in conversation with a woman CXO at a professional networking meeting took the CXO by surprise when she learnt that Anokhi was single. It was awkward for Anokhi to carry on the conversation as the focus of their discussion was around her being single in her late 30s.

A common phrase often heard by singles working for corporate India – He/she is single, must be desperate or frustrated.

It’s time to Stop. Breath. Reflect on how we are labelling people.

It’s time we stop questioning singles in their 20s, 30’s, 40s or beyond about their single status just as those married are never asked why they are married.

And we as a society need to stop assuming that singles have fewer to no responsibilities than those not.

Stating few reasons for singlehood

- They have not found their person yet

- Their earlier romantic relationship did not workout

- There are priorities which need to be considered before entering into a long-term relationship

- They may wish to stay single.

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