Qualities that men look for in a woman as they enter a new relationship

Qualities that men look for in a woman as they enter a new relationship

Men are just as nervous as women are when it comes to dating, and to expect them to be otherwise courageous all the time, it would be unrealistic.

There isn’t a whole lot discussed when it comes to men and dating, but there is this looming perception that all men very single-mindedly only want sex out of their relationship – which is clearly not the truth. That isn’t to say sex isn’t important; it is and it might even be a priority for some, but that is usually not the reason why they enter a relationship and therefore the sooner we bust this myth, the better.

Men, like women, also seek meaningful relationships. They also might want to take it slow before they decide to commit. And as all people usually do, they also feel hurt if they are ghosted or judged and so on, so forth.

“So, what do men really want in a relationship”, is something we as women have some or the other time found ourselves asking. In that spirit, here is a list of a few traits which we are confident that if you show, will help you find your partner.

  • Emotional maturity – No one wants to be with an emotionally immature person. The games, the drama, the tantrums, and deception, all of these have no place in a healthy relationship. Instead, men are more likely to prefer a partner who is patient, thoughtful, kind, and empathetic. Besides, there is always a calmer way to share things, and such emotional maturity makes for good communication between partners and is essential.
  • Give Space – Relationships are about togetherness and sharing, there is no denying it. However, me-time is a must for self-rejuvenation, if nothing else. Though there’s a chance that you may know your partner’s friends, there will still be times when they would like to go out just with their friends; and it is important that this is not misunderstood and is instead taken in the right sense. Finally, there should be an understanding between partners that sometimes, however much they’d like to be there for a social event, it just doesn’t work out or they are not able to. This should not be grounds for fights and arguments, and instead a healthy understanding should be developed between partners and the issue resolved amicably.
  • Managing expectations – It is never a good idea to have unrealistically glorious expectations from your partner. It is important to communicate about the needs and wants, however, there should be no stress to fulfill all your needs and wants though; instead ask for support to fulfill them. Avoid comparison with others. Let the man in your life be someone who grows with you vs being the owner of your happiness. However, much they will be there to support, they expect their partner to be strong enough to come out of difficult situations.
  • Wear your confidence with pride – We all know the saying: “Confidence is the prettiest thing you can wear”, and it is oh so true, when the woman is able to shed her insecurities and own up to her strengths, they tend to glow differently. This kind of positive energy starts to draw in other people and attract them and is therefore one of the many things that men find extremely attractive in women.
  • Allow room for errors- To err is completely human, rather to not err might even be inhumane or robotic. And so to expect absolute perfection from your partner all the time, it would be highly unreasonable; not to mention far too pressurizing on your partner. Try putting yourself in their shoes: would you enjoy being held to an unreasonably high standard all the time and then being heavily scrutinised every time you falter? There’s a good chance the answer is no, correct? Therefore, it is important to understand that no one is perfect. And that’s ok, as long as we can find the empathy to be accepting and forgiving of it.
  • Have a great sense of humor – And finally, alongside all the important but often heavy aspects of a relationship, perhaps one of the lighter and more essential qualities to inculcate in oneself, is the ability to laugh at yourself and take things at ease. It tends to take away a lot of built up pressure in a relationship, and adds a certain sense of liveliness and fun to the relationship. Perhaps an argument could even be made to say that those who have a good sense of humor, they might be able to easier communicate and understand their partner, thereby enriching the relationship overall.

The best part about the mentioned traits, if missing, can definitely be cultivated over time. It is important that we remember that men are just as nervous as women are when it comes to dating and entering a new relationship, and to expect them to be otherwise courageous all the time, it would be unrealistic and unfair to them. So, all in all, by inculcating the above characteristics, it’d bring you just a little closer to your best self, as well your ideal life partner.

As appeared in Thrive Global.