andwemet, an online dating site, helps you to meet your Match made in heaven

andwemet, an online dating site, helps you to meet your Match made in heaven

The world of Internet dating thrives to captivate young adults for a compatible relationship

When it comes to picking a life partner, the inkling of finding the perfect one gets perplexing. With modern technologies come distinctive ways of attempting things. Online matchmaking was once a fringe and stigmatized bustle to the Indian market. Among the numerous developments in today’s era, online matchmaking is proving to be legitimate and trustworthy. From dating to getting married everybody’s one stop abode is matchmaking sites.

Seeking for a partner can be a cumbersome process when one is in their mid-20s. When life gets busier by the day, socializing on a regular basis fades away. Reunions get shorter and everybody tends to move on. This is when Internet plays cupid’s role. 'andwemet' is widely popular among urban Indians for its ethos of accountable and non-intimidating matchmaking. Its exclusive idea of building a platform for compatible relationships is breaking all kinds of stereotypes.

“Marriage is not the only notion of commitment; young adults are logical enough to stay committed in a relationship devoid of being married. The main objective behind the brainchild of (Sign up) is it to find someone who is willing to choose on the same wavelength as the other,” says the founder, Shalini Singh.

The trajectory started when Shalini had come across people who were skeptical of matchmaking on the internet. Curiosity lead to connecting with urban Indians who had different priorities, from staying committed without legalizing their relationship to not willing to move to another country after marriage. “We give the customer liberty to create a unique questionnaire for their profile which makes us stand out from our peers.

Indians who are 25 and beyond have a global outlook and have experienced the world differently than their contemporaries which makes them confident and aware of what they seek from their relationship. In a deliberate attempt to get hitched, one has to stick to people in accord with expectations and emotional connect to not face heartburn if it proves to be a mismatch,” adds Shalini

Though the Internet is a boon to connect and build relationships, if abused, it can be highly emotionally draining. About 30–40% of the profiles in existing online matchmaking sites are fake which a huge hindrance to trust online dating. andwemet delivers users with genuine profiles and the process of filtering is unique in its own ways.

If two individuals connect, but one doesn’t sync with the other, the website assures to not share personal and contact information, which is an exceptional feature. With over 120 accepted matches, this mobile-friendly platform aims to reach out globally. In addition to its varied features, it is also open to all spectrums of genders to connect with their respective partners, which makes it all the more fascinating.

As appeared in Telangana Today