Make Meeting In-Laws Before Marriage a Priority

Explore why a pre-wedding meeting with your in-laws is essential for a thriving marriage. Uncover the key qualities to look for and ensure a strong foundation built on love, acceptance, and mutual respect.

Make Meeting In-Laws Before Marriage a Priority

The odds are not so heavy in casual dating. But as things get serious, meeting in-laws before marriage is a must on the pre-wedding to-do list.

Looking for a meaningful relationship can be a long journey for some. Yet, everything else seems worth it when you find the one you love. As time goes on, the relationship grows, and ultimately the moment arrives where both are ready to take the big step.

But the big step involves teeny, little strides before diving in, which are just as important a part of the entire decision as to the actual marriage. One such stage that is unavoidable is meeting the in-laws.

Among Indians living in India or overseas, every bride and groom must account for both families uniting as a package deal. You can rarely get one without the other. Keep in mind that when you are hunting for the perfect partner, you must keep an eye out for the ideal in-laws before saying yes!

Why is a Pre-Wedding Rendezvous with Your In-Laws Necessary?

The way your partner walks, talks, and behaves, comes from growing up around their family. Thus, when the talks about tying the knot finally kickstart, getting familiarized with the in-laws can reveal a lot about your partner’s personality.

Many couples still choose to live with families post marriage. As such, it is not just handling their own budding family, but another set of members who join in. The unexpectedness of learning to share your space with so many new people could be overwhelming, eventually taking a toll on your relationship.

But if introduced to the family earlier, there are chances the awkwardness can be avoided. This proves influential in cementing your decision to be with the person of your choice. The meet-up is especially important to avoid unpleasantness in post marriage experiences since the most charming partner may have harrowing parents.

This, by the way, is a must for both the man and the woman.

Note: Data shows that many marriages fail because of interference from parents from one or both sides.

What Should You Search for in Your In-laws?

Everyone dreams of a fulfilling life. Even with your fair share of troubles, ending the day with a relaxing cup of tea while surrounded by family seems like an ideal way to live.

Meeting the possibilities of achieving the perfect life requires some effort. The first step is to realize the appreciative elements your future in-laws can and should offer you.

  1. Being Open-Minded

As Indians, we have all heard the phrase “what will society say?” directed at us at least once in our lives, especially from our parents. This fixation with how others might react to the decisions we take for our own happiness can sour relations between couples.

When meeting your in-laws before marriage, consider how encouraging they are of your choices and goals because their support will add to a stronger bond between you and your partner.

2.       Should be Accepting

The journey of a married life places couples in an unfamiliar environment—their entire lifestyle changes when they move in with their families (and most Indian couples do). Factually, Dealing with such a significant change can be very exhausting.

In this overwhelming situation, whether or not the in-laws accept who you are and where you come from should be noted. The parents should consciously make an effort to acknowledge and embrace the differences between them and the newest member of their family.

3.       Willing to Give the Couple Space

After their children get married, parents often find it hard to part with them, leading to constant interference in the couple’s life, which can be incredibly suffocating.

Fortunately, parents are now gradually accepting that their children are starting a life of their own and need to give just as much, if not more, attention to their own home life. Still, many have yet to learn how to deal with the distance that might form in the parent-child relationship.

4.       Love and Respect

Above all, your in-laws should treat you like their own son or daughter. Instead of picking on your faults, they should be willing to help you adjust to your new life without any judgements.

After all, they have been in the same shoes once and hence, should not hesitate to shower you and the bond with your partner with love, affection, and respect.


Marriage is a life-altering union that needs to be handled with extreme care. Meeting in-laws before marriage can bring to light the complexities in emotions between partners and their families that might get toxic and disrupt the couple’s relationship.

To combat it, support, love, and respect is a critical triad to a happy relationship with the in-laws.

As appeared in Thrive Global