Looking For An Equal Partner But Are You Being One?

Discover the keys to true equality in love. Say goodbye to stereotypes and embrace a relationship founded on mutual respect, understanding, and the genuine essence of friendship.

Looking For An Equal Partner But Are You Being One?

Equal Partnership as a Stereotype

In the dating society, there's enough talk happening about the actual meaning of equal partnership. Nonetheless, the masses seem to give in to the notions pertaining to a conservative thought-process and stereotypes which have doomed relationships frequently.

Many women use the excuse of 'tradition' to justify their desire for a man who pays the bill on dates and is capable enough to run the house financially without them having to contribute.

Similarly, most men wish for an independent woman and then expect them to immerse themselves in day-to-day chores. They distance themselves from household work by calling it a "woman's job" because they've seen their mother dedicating herself to the same.

Equal partnership in a love connection isn't about delegating yourself and your partner with roles that conform to stereotypes. Instead, it's a result of heartfully and mindfully considering each other's choices and negotiating a middle ground.

The True Essence of Equal Partnership in a Relationship

Do friends ever adhere to rigid responsibilities and impose their expectations on each other?


They function by maintaining mutual respect for each other's choices and prioritizing one's desires above their own.

At times, couples get so absorbed in delivering on promises that they forget about the foundation of love which is friendship.

The authentic essence of an equal partnership lies in having mutual respect and being true to the roots of friendship. It's also true for pairs who didn't start as friends but fell in love at first sight as being a couple inherently makes you friends.

For example, one partner might be earning money while the other uses it to run the budget. In the case of two earning partners, one might make less money and then choose to be a homemaker.

Hence, equal division of chores isn't an implication of being equal partners in a romantic connection, but respecting each other's roles and choices is.


Equality in love-based partnerships demands paying heed to your partner's desires and choices while simultaneously conveying your own to them. It should lead to working out a solution that makes you both feel comfortable and happy while resorting to it.

Furthermore, equal partnership commands flexibility. There'll be times when your partner might need you to take over, and you should be able to do so without feeling ashamed.

All in all, those who wish to be in a long-term relationship have to understand that the need to be sensitive to their partner's choices must, without an iota of doubt, be a shared responsibility.