Insecurity Can Kill The Best of Relationship

Uncover the triggers of relationship insecurity and discover practical solutions to keep your love strong. From solo adventures to unique love languages, find the keys to a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Insecurity Can Kill The Best of Relationship

The first generation of humans created by the Greek gods possessed two hands, two legs, and a head with two faces. But, threatened by their extraordinary capabilities, Zeus split them and sentenced them to a life in search of the other half. As a result, soulmates were born.

Your soul is like a half-empty glass, and it’s on a hunt for the one who’ll fill it up to the brim and complete its purpose.

Suppose one day you met “the one” and your happiness knew no bounds. Butterflies started frolicking in your stomach, and rainbows covered the whole sky. Suddenly, all you wish for is to call them your life partner and introduce them to everyone from the highest peak.

Honestly, you feel as if all your dreams have come true, and you’re as close to perfection as anyone ever gets until everything starts heading south because of your insecurities.

Yes, being happy together forever is possible, but it requires you to put effort into the most impossible of moments.

Here are a few instances capable of triggering relationship insecurity and killing even the best connections.

1. When They Meet Their Friends Without You

Getting introduced and accepted in your partner’s friend circle is a significant validation you can receive. Hence, it’s normal for you to hang out with them as a couple and go on double dates, if at all.

However, there’ll be occasions where your significant other would want to spend time with their friends by themselves to have their ‘me time.’ It may trigger your relationship insecurity and make you wonder if your partner places their friends above you. Few might even feel their partners enjoy more in their absence.

But don’t read too much into it!

People are allowed to have individual commitments towards their friends. Simply put, your partner can be madly in love with you and tend to their social life.

2. When They Share Inside Jokes With Their Family

There’s no greater joy than receiving the approval of your partner’s family. It only serves to multiply the happiness of being in a relationship.

Under certain circumstances, such as when your partner shares an inside joke with their family and ends up bursting with laughter, you are liable to feel out of place. You might feel like a stranger and let your insecurity question whether you fit in with them.

However, it’s vital to realize that your partner has grown up and shared innumerable memories with them before your arrival. So, it’s perfectly okay for you to feel new to certain jokes or conversations they share with their family.

Every family has its banter, and it’s in no way an indication of you being unwelcomed or them ganging against you.

Additionally, the process of becoming a part of your partner’s family is gradual. There’ll surely be a time when you get to have your inside joke with their family.

3. When They Spend One-on-One Time With Their Family

Your partner may wish to spend one-on-one time with their parents and siblings. The irrational fear of not having access to a part of their family might also make you feel unwanted and undervalued.

Moreover, couples in modern romantic relationships spend most of their time with each other, so letting go of the routine might seem troublesome.

Nonetheless, your relationship insecurity causes such thoughts, which may end up making you feel anxious.

But, it’s time to gather your thoughts and perceive that your partner has been doing the same since before you both entered a committed relationship. Apart from being your lover, they’re also a sibling and a child. So, it’s well within their rights to have personal time with their family

4. When They Indulge in Activities Excluding You

Undoubtedly, the best part of a relationship is taking part in adventurous activities with a partner in crime. These include activities of common interest.

However, there may exist activities your partner enjoys doing without you. And, when they indulge in them, your relationship insecurity will try to equate it with your worth and role in the relationship. Feelings of not being good enough for them may overcome you as well.

Remember, individuality is an indispensable aspect of any successful relationship.

Enjoying your time and letting your partner do the same helps eliminate hyper dependency. Imagine a world where couples do everything together, and there’s absolutely no scope for them to do things by themselves.

What kind of a world would that be?

Taking breaks and immersing in hobbies develops holistic growth and promotes mental health. As a result, your partner comes back with a clear mind and more clarity to love.

Anyway, only when they love to be by themselves can they expect you to love spending time with them.

5. When They Don’t Show Affection Publicly

A relationship involves the coming together of two individuals. And, when two people have had different teachings and experiences, it’s only natural for them to have separate ways of expression.

While you may see other people resorting to it, PDA or proclaims of love on social media might not be your partner’s preferred medium of expressing their love for you. It might make you question their love for you and lead to other trust issues, which can cause a dent in your relationship.

To avoid such issues, you need to understand your partner’s love language. They may convey their love through several ways like getting you gifts, spending time with you, writing letters, cooking you food, or surprising you in ways you’ve not noticed yet.

It’s easy to get lost in clichés, and by doing so, you fail to remember that your relationship and partner are unique, and so are their ways of loving you.

It first appeared in Thrive Global.