How to maintain a long distance relationship

How to maintain a long distance relationship

Let's cut straight through the chase

  1. it is ok to be the first one to apologize
Don't hold a grudge for long. Apologize, make-up, it doesn't matter who was correct

2. patience will be needed in huge abundance for a long distance relationship

Long distance will prevent the partner from being there emotionally. Accept it.
Emotional Unavailability

3. You have to meet often in person

Plan to meet every 3-4 months
Meet often

4. This works well always

Frequent surprises with thoughtful gestures should be carried out
Gesture and surprises

5. communicate, communicate & communicate in a relationship

Convey more than often what this relationship means to you

6.  you need to have a road-map, a plan about living together at some point in time

Work towards a plan of living in the same city.
Living together

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