Maintaining a Relationship: Identify Red Flags & Reignite the Spark

Uncover relationship red flags and reignite the spark! Learn to communicate, engage socially, and share hobbies for a lasting bond. Act now to save your relationship.

Maintaining a Relationship: Identify Red Flags & Reignite the Spark

Here are a few tips that can help save your relationship if you're seeing red flags.

Let’s face it, we all take our life partners for granted; it’s just something that happens sometimes despite our best intentions. Moreover, we often also might develop a tendency to drown them with implicit expectations, some of which we have and some of which society expects of us. All of this has a significant impact on a long-term relationship, regardless of how you met. Below, we share a few critical warning indicators that you should be aware of and that require rapid course correction, not unlike a cut; if left untreated it could become gangrenous.

Not listening: Being impatient and always wanting to be proven correct can be bad for a relationship when you talk over each other. Additionally, allowing your partner to finish a sentence, but then replying based on assumptions you’ve made can often instead result in the partner being “shut down”. This goes to show that not allowing your partner to express themself optimally can destroy even the finest of relationships.

Limited communication: Communication is the foundation of a strong relationship. What good is it to be in a relationship where there is no communication and each partner hides under the garb of being an introvert and does things their way instead of acting as a team? A new connection necessitates a lot of communication, but if you see it, it’ll be worth it. Communication can take numerous forms, both spoken and unspoken, such as when a couple participates in a shared interest or does an individual activity while yet being present in the same room. Communication keeps the relationship fun. While on the other hand not communicating takes away that excitement, making it mundane and exhausting, which is unhealthy for a relationship and makes it feel like a burden.

Avoiding social gatherings together:
A couple does not necessarily have to do everything together, in fact having space for yourself is healthy. Moreover, in a relationship, “me-time” is crucial, but so is going to social events as a couple. Attending social gatherings as a pair is an activity that you do as a couple; it should not be just for social validation. Now it is understandable that on occasion there will be times when you are unable to attend an invited social function; but it should be noted that if this occurs frequently, it could be a sign of a red flag that distance is building in your relationship.

The intriguing part is that the couple may not realise they’re drifting apart until it’s much too late and the damage has been therefore its always best to keep an eye out for indicators, perhaps for example like the ones listed above. The idea is to identify them quickly, nip them in the bud, and work on your relationship. Indians are known to be highly outspoken culturally, yet this does not seem to apply to their personal relationships. When the time comes, we typically tend to avoid expressing ourselves and asking for what we want. This clearly needs to change. Keeping this sentiment in mind, here are some suggestions that we hope will assist you in correcting your course and saving your relationship.

Be true to yourself. Don’t be afraid to express yourself and show vulnerability as these are important aspects of a relationship. However also make sure to not find yourself leaning too much on your partner, as independence in an individual is always healthy. Work to find your own answers and solutions alongside asking for help, as this makes for good teamwork between you and your partner.

In today’s digital world, this point may seem difficult and perhaps even trivial, but when your partner is speaking to you, turn. Off. Your phone. This is such a simple but essential move you can make, and really shows your partner that you care and value what they have to say.

And last but definitely not least, you and your partner could explore a hobby together that you both enjoy. In doing so, you’ll both likely find yourselves looking forward to spending time together, discover more about each other, and eventually reignite that spark that you might’ve been missing out on all along.

As appeared in Thrive Global