How Do I Know if I Am Dating an Emotionally Immature Person?

How Do I Know if I Am Dating an Emotionally Immature Person?

It is tough to know at the beginning of a new relationship whether you are dating someone who is emotionally immature. If you are, the relationship is bound to go through some upheavals which can overcome if one amongst you is emotionally mature. If both of you are emotionally immature, the relationship may not last long.

What are signs of emotional immaturity?

  • Wanting things to be done their way
  • Everything is about them
  • Not comfortable to make a commitment
  • Always being defensive, blaming circumstances or others
  • Avoiding deep conversations

A relationship with an emotionally immature partner can be exhausting, and at times it makes you feel extremely alone. Depending on how much you want to invest in the relationship, you can turn it around. But keep in mind, it will not be easy, and it will require immense amounts of patience and possibly a realignment of expectations.

If you are in a relationship with an emotionally immature partner, suggest these tips to them

  • Seek professional help. Your partner may prefer to talk about their issues with someone not connected emotionally and who is non-judgmental.
  • Ask them to listen to your perspective and how you feel. When you communicate, keep it as constructive as you can. An emotionally immature partner who is invested in the relationship and wants to change would be open to listening.
  • If tantrums are thrown, they should expect that you will call them out and stop any interaction until they are calm. This gives them time to reflect and possibly introspect.
  • They should make an effort to acknowledge your needs and make the effort to act accordingly.

Spending your life with a long-term partner is special. There are so many people who are seeking theirs. If you are lucky enough to have found yours but are emotionally immature, work on yourself to build and strengthen what you have.

As appeared in Thrive Global