Fake it till you make it if looking to enter in a long-term relationship

Fake it till you make it if looking to enter in a long-term relationship

In the last 2 weeks we spoke with 100 singles, a whopping 80% admitted to bending the truth on dating profiles using services like andwemet.

 Here’s what they did:

 - Used outdated photos where they look
their best

 - Tweaked their age by a few years

 - Inflated their income

 - Claimed to be divorced when they're
actually separated or still going through the process

 - Hid being a parent, especially in cases
where primary custody was with the ex

 - Did not disclose a health ailment

 Interestingly, they admitted to sharing incorrect information but didn't perceive it as lying or see it as a problem. The irony is that those who confessed to providing inaccurate information have themselves encountered misinformation, leaving them feeling "cheated" and disillusioned.

 Finding someone special is tough enough(we will tackle the reasons in another post), but faking it till you make it certainly isn't the answer for those seeking a lasting connection. Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Starting with false information undermines the foundation of a sustainable romantic relationship.

"Fake it till you make it" can be great advice—just not when you're looking for a long-term partner! If you have a success story where a little "fib" led to a flourishing relationship, we’d love to hear it, send it to info(at)andwemet.com

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