Clarifying ambiguity surrounding the definition of "single."

Clarifying ambiguity surrounding the definition of "single."

As you seek relationships, it's crucial to recognize that there's a spectrum of single status. There's often uncertainty about who fits under the label "single." Should divorced individuals be considered solely as divorced, or do they also fall into the category of singles? We briefly address this when defining what it means to be single.

People who are in a relationship are not single, while everyone else is. Which means:

Unmarried individuals who are not in a relationship are considered single.

Individuals who are divorced are classified as single.

Single parents are indeed considered single. They are raising children on their own, whether through divorce, separation or other circumstances.

Individuals who have lost their spouse due to death are single.

It's worth mentioning that not all singles desire to be in a relationship. Some choose to remain single intentionally, by choice, opting to never commit to a relationship or marriage.