Can the woman be older than the man in relationships?

Join a family's debate on an age-gap relationship, sparking questions about the impact of women being older in love and long-term connections

Can the woman be older than the man in relationships?

The 14-year-old is at the dinner table with his family, enjoying his chicken and rice when he glances up to find his grandparents and father disagreeing with a debate while his aunt, his father’s sister, was pro-discussion.

The boy's uncle, the younger sibling of his father, said that he had found a life-partner. Before learning about the age difference, the family was thrilled and content. The girl in question was over 5 years older than his uncle, who would turn 31 in a few months, making her age 35.

The uncle emphasized that he wished to marry this particular girl and needed the family’s approval to welcome her. He said that their friendship had gone strong over the course of their 16-month acquaintance and he was confident about his decision. Listening to this, the family was making increasingly dramatic declarations as the house began to resemble a scenario from an Ekta Kapoor drama serial. The grandma murmured under her breath that having children would be difficult followed by more dramatic sentences.

The 14-year-old turned to face his mother at this point and questioned aloud as to the cause of the uproar, given that she had previously informed him that the only thing keeping her and his father's relationship strong is their great friendship, and he had also heard his uncle make a similar statement.

Upon hearing this, there was an awkward pause during the meal. The grandfather then requested everyone to continue eating and suggested addressing this at a later point.

Something to reflect upon - Will it matter if the female is older than the boy while trying to find a long-term, wholesome relationship?

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