Attract Love based on your Zodiac Sign

Unlock love's secrets with Tarot. Learn how your Zodiac sign can lead you to your ideal partner. Manifest happiness and romance with personalized guidance!

Attract Love based on your Zodiac Sign

Be the energy you want to attract. With everybody going bananas over Valentine's week, here's something special for you. On Valentine's Day, manifest and attract the love that would sweep you off ground, one that would give butterflies in the stomach and most importantly would bring in abundant happiness.

Grab a cup of hot cocoa and a notepad, while we brew some magic for you with our tarot cards. This is what you need to do to attract love and a companion based on your Zodiac sign.

Aries: If you don't take charge of what you desire then who else would? It's time to own up, and be vocal about your thoughts & views. Rely on your gut and catch the cues that the other person is throwing. You deserve somebody who will make you feel special and respect your independent thoughts. It wouldn't be a bad idea to show that flirtatious side of yours.

Taurus: Deep down you already know that you are in a good space. All you have to do is just radiate self confidence. With positive intent, make a wish and it will come true. The crux is to enjoy the moment as if there is no tomorrow. If you have already met somebody then the key is to make the most of the ongoing relationship, your sense of humour would be liked by the other person. Don't forget to up your game.

Gemini: Your superpower is your authentic self and that charms everybody. The creative expression in the way you talk and dress up leaves a good impression. Don't devalue yourself, walk out with confidence and slay the moment. Somebody who respects independent views and ambitions would make a great pair for you. Pro tip- work on your patience and temper a bit to avoid any major setbacks.

Cancer: Bottling up emotions wouldn't do you any good, within you is a reservoir of emotions that need to be expressed. Go out there, express what you feel or want and let the magic happen. Rise above any negativity that is stopping you to move ahead in life. See the bright side and if you feel the connection then don't shy away from taking that leap. What you really need to do is listen to your heart.

Leo: You have been observing a lot and this strategy isn't taking you anywhere. This could be you gauging if the other person would take the leap. Let your inner voice guide you, take small steps, show compassion towards yourself and the other person. Expand your network, meet somebody new over drinks or coffee and let things flow naturally. Pro tip- don't hold yourself back.

Virgo: Get a grip and don't rush into things. Seems like you have come out of some not-so-good experience and are looking for a shoulder to cry on. Well, this could work for some time but wouldn't suffice in the long run. Give yourself time to come out of this situation and take it slow. Separate yourself from anything that doesn't align with your values or makes you happy.

Libra: You definitely don't want to have an oops moment by traveling in 2 boats at the same time. Well, you can try but the outcome is pretty evident. Don't sit on the fence, make a decision before it gets too late. Seeking some help or clarity would rescue you from ambiguity. Lucid thoughts would lead to clear actions, communicate and you never know what wonders it would play.

Scorpio: When would your friends come to your help? Leverage your network as there is a great possibility of cupid hitting you with an arrow in social gatherings. Be open to what's coming your way, don't be rigid as this approach wouldn't lead you anywhere. Time to be a party animal, put on your favourite attire, wear your smile and let the ride begin. Pro-tip: Your flirty self would come out after getting high, use it wisely.

Sagittarius: You believe in an equal partnership and you are on the lookout for somebody who has similar views. Have you tried exploring beyond your network or gone that extra mile to know somebody who isn't from the same field? Be watchful if you come across somebody from the following areas: finance, legal as they would strike the right chord. Voice out what you believe in and you never know if the same is appreciated by the other sex.

Capricorn: You have been averse to long distance setups, but this is also acting as a hindrance in forming a meaningful relationship. Focus on the big picture and long term approach as there is somebody out there who has been trying to share life’s journey with you. On your next date, talk more about your future plans and how you envisage your life. Make the next date worth remembering.

Aquarius: You got to keep the faith and put in trust toward higher commitment. You deserve somebody who aligns with your ideologies and sees the relationship/companionship the same way. It's okay to take the old school route, unlock your heart as through the cracks enter the light. You are seeking a stable and a level headed person who would bring in calmness, somebody who shares the same spiritual side as yours. Catch the right cues and then there is no stopping you.

Pisces: Matters of heart deserve some patience and effort. Hang tight as your efforts would start to reap results. Introspect what's working and what's not. It wouldn't be selfish to have somebody by your side who has similar financial stability. If you are already exhausted, then take it slow and discuss with the other half on how you would like to proceed. Let your feelings grow to something as beautiful as you have now.

About the author : Ruchika B

Area of expertise: Tarot & Oracle Card Reading, Crystal Healing & Graphology

She believes that Tarot readings guide individuals to the right path and offer a fresh perspective to life. Many consider psychic phenomenon among other theories to be the real secret behind these readings. Ruchika, on the other hand, believes in the true nature of a common dominion. The reader in her has imbibed knowledge from the surroundings and nurtured information about the cards while relying on her intuition to guide over 2000 clients in her lifetime.