andwemet — the matchmaking venture for Urban Indians

andwemet — the matchmaking venture for Urban Indians

We aim to make andwemet the most trusted matchmaking service for single Urban Indians globally.

The idea behind the matchmaking service germinated from unpleasant and frustrating experiences shared by family and friends. To assess the situation and to understand the gaps we ran an extensive survey of single urban Indians as well as conducted social experiments. The results of these revealed multiple gaps which were leading to a lack of trust and disengagement in online matchmaking. This encouraged us to build andwemet where we ask our members more than their demographic information and photographs.

Our members are asked to respond to questions regarding their personality, their preferences in a partner and attitude towards other life realities. This collective information helps prospective matches to decide which profiles suit them and their circumstances. We have intentionally added these aspects in the profile in an attempt to reduce future emotional heartburn.

On andwemet you will find

- Correct age

- Expectations from a relationship

- Actual current relationship status

- Real first and last names

- Agreeableness to live with parents or not — Discussions on relationship deal breakers — Respect for members’ privacy, no linkage to any social media or third-party apps.

- Availability for a long distance relationship or not

Many more features are being introduced which will aid members in their decision to emotionally invest and engage with each other. If single, Urban Indians do give andwemet a chance, you will not be disappointed. Sign up now. Real first and last names

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