a woman’s perspective — 5 handy tips to avoid conversation reaching a dead-end

a woman’s perspective — 5 handy tips to avoid conversation reaching a dead-end

Congratulations, you broke the ice and connected now on andwemet chat. The first conversation went smoothly. But what next? Have you thought of how to take the conversation forward?

Don’t worry. We have got your back. Listed below are some easy tips which may help

1. Take the lead

Take the initiative to communicate. This will also show your interest in your prospect match. Please ensure that the communication needs to be a dialogue. Talking about only you (you can be perceived as self-obsessed) or inquiring everything about the match and not sharing about yourself could be a conversation killer and lead to misinterpretations.

To begin with, you could start with basics like hobbies, interests, or talk about hilarious lock-down scenarios. Avoid making it sound like an interview/ prospective soulmate search.

You may also try playing- ‘Never have I ever’ or ‘Your First’ styles to make conversations fun and easy.

Pro-tip: Please don’t go overboard!

2. Subtle flirting by complimenting

Show your observational skills while subtly slipping the complimenting, This creates a good impression that you give importance to brains over beauty. However, crossing the line and using clichés is a big no!

Pro-tip: If the match has their photographs dressed in black — ask them if black is their favourite colour and tell them that it signifies being bold and strong I must say!

3. Be yourself

Be subtle but share what comes to your mind. If things are going in the right direction, then discuss things that you feel may hamper your relationship later.

Pro-tip: Make an impression with your character and not by pretensions.

4. Go slow

Avoid asking for personal contact details in the first few conversations. Unlike the fast-paced image online dating has, there are people out there who prefer taking things slow.

Pro-tip: Wait for the comfort level to set in, be sure about investing in the prospect match you are engaging with.

5. Avoid being pushy

Do not spam your partner with messages as you are getting to know them. You may check messages every couple of hours to keep the interest going.

Pro-tip: It’s simple- find a balance on how you engage, do not be pushy or give long period of silent time.

Work on removing the awkwardness and keep the conversations going.

All the best.

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