9 reasons why couples fall out of love

9 reasons why couples fall out of love

Why do some couples fall out of love? Why do some relationships fail? Experts say a strong sustainable relationship does not just happen. It requires effort from both partners. A loving caring relationship involves both partners keeping an open mind and communicating their thoughts and feelings regularly, in a non-adversarial way. Easier said than done. Humans are emotional creatures. When we do not receive the expected response or reaction on a regular basis, we can become frustrated and resentful. Accusations fly, tempers erupt, tears gush and doors slam. Communication breaks down and the relationship veers towards the proverbial cliff.

How does a relationship reach this point of no return? What leads to a break-up? Besides the usual suspects of infidelity or abuse, here are 9 reasons relationships sometimes do not work out:

1) Difference in Emotional growth: When one partner matures and grows mentally and emotionally but the other partner does not exhibit any change in behavior. The different approaches to life’s challenges can result in weakening the bond of the relationship.

2) Mismatch of expectations from the relationship: Expectations from the relationship need to be communicated before getting into it. Too many differences in expectations between you and your partner about the relationship will lead to frustration. An example: if you enjoy excessive socializing and the partner prefers to be a happy home bird, trouble will brew.

3) Controlling behavior: If your partner needs things to be just so or done exactly to their specifications, things can become stressful. Whether it is household chores or a social activity, too much control or stressing over small things will have a negative impact on a relationship.

4) Mismatching libido: This is a biggie. Sex is an important part of a relationship. No argument there. Differences in sex drive can be a difficult to overcome. It can bring tensions into the bedroom which can be transferred onto other areas of the relationship. The result is usually hurt feelings and resentment.

5) Finances: This is among the top 3 reason for relationships to breakdown. Opposing attitudes and principals towards money will always create rifts.

6) Diverging values: Not having a similar value system can be challenging to say the least. Sometimes one is unable to judge this accurately before entering a relationship and if the other partner is not open to learn about and accept these differences, it is hard to sustain the relationship.

7) Lack of communication: If the partner is closed to discussing disagreements. Not doing so with an understanding have a way of building up into large resentments and over time. In the long run it can lead to heartbreak.

8) Playing the blame game: Everyone makes mistakes and accidents happen. Constantly bringing these up in discussions or worse, in arguments, will cause hurt to both partners. It will slowly and painfully tear them apart.

9) Comparisons: Each relationship is unique and special in its own way. Comparing your relationship with your previous relationship or with that of others can hurt and damage the potential of your own relationship.

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