7 Top Chat Tips to Make an Impression on Your New Online Match

7 Top Chat Tips to Make an Impression on Your New Online Match

Many of us can become shy or awkward when meeting strangers, whether it be in a professional setting or a social event. If you count yourself in this group and are searching for a meaningful relationship online, you may find breaking the ice with a new match daunting. Here are our seven top tips that can help you to show your sparkling personality and start an interesting chat on andwemet!

  1. Instead of opening with an ordinary “Hi” or “Hello” open the conversation with an engaging introduction like “Hello, wonderful to connect. I see you live in Delhi, I hear it is extremely hot there. I am glad to have moved to Bangalore where we enjoy excellent weather through the year.” Preferably refrain from using emoticons until after the initial introductions and both of you are comfortable.
  2. Sending multiple texts, one for each thought, makes you appear to be a person who types faster than they think i.e. not very mindful.

3. Do a spell and grammar check before you press send. This shows you as someone is whois respectful of themselves as well as their new match.

4. Do be patient for a response from your new match. Most of us are busy with work and other responsibilities and may not be able to reply immediately. Bombarding your new match with messages really does not make the response time any faster. If you do not get a response in 48 hours, then you can assume there is no mutual interest. But if you open using our tip no.1 this should not happen! Do not lose hope. Our team at andwemet is working hard to find you a suitable match.

5. It is always a good idea to be respectful and not jump to personal questions too early in the conversation. Keep the conversation fun discussing interests. Also try not to get over familiar and attempt to make jokes.

6. Try not to be in a rush to get your new match’s number. As we mentioned earlier, some of us are just shy or are new to online dating and need some time to get comfortable. It is acceptable to ask for a voice or a video conversation based on your comfort level after chatting over text for a week or so.

7. Be honest! By being truthful in your responses you are more likely to get honest responses from your new match. Honesty from the word go, lays the foundation for a meaningful exchange of thoughts, ideas and opinions.

We hope you find our tips helpful. Good luck out there! Let us know how it goes!

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