Dear Men, avoid these 6 initial texts in online dating.

Dear men, it's important to be mindful of the phrases you use while navigating online dating platforms. Certain phrases can inadvertently convey the wrong message or come across as insincere, potentially hindering your chances of making genuine connections.

Dear Men, avoid these 6 initial texts in online dating.

While looking for a long-term relationship, many wonderful single Indian men encounter difficulty in eliciting a response from potential women partners on online matchmaking services because of their opening text/ chat. This may stem from lack of emphasis on interpersonal skills as the primary focus while growing up may have been placed on academic achievement and securing a 'dream job.'

Thus, they may find themselves ill-equipped in matters of romance and relationships which are then often influenced by movies (fictional portrayal) as a source of guidance on how to approach women thereby leaving them in awkward position in receiving no response because of the phrase/s used over the initial chat.

Sharing 6 such phrases which need to be strictly avoided.

 1.     "Hi, you are very pretty/sexy. Can we get to know each other?": Focusing solely on physical appearance can come across as objectifying. Women seek to be valued for more than just their looks and prefer to be viewed as individuals with depth and personality.

2.     "What's up, cutie?": Using overly casual terms like "cutie" can be perceived as disrespectful, especially when addressing someone you don't know well.

3.     Sending a wink emoticon as your initial message: Emoticons can be a fun way to express emotions, but relying solely on a wink emoticon as your first message may come across as lazy or disinterested.

4.     "You must be getting a lot of messages from guys like me": Expressing insecurity about the competition can be off-putting and shows lack of your confidence.

5.     Sharing your contact details and asking them to connect with you: Building trust takes time, and sharing personal contact details can be seen as pushy or presumptuous.

6.     Avoid using jokes or one-liners : like "Hey, you are the key to my lock" in your initial text. Such attempts at humor can often come across as insincere or clichéd. Build a getting to know relationship before you bring in humor.

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