5 Qualities That Make You Identify a Keeper

5 Qualities That Make You Identify a Keeper
These traits will help you find the lifelong partner you're looking for.

Let’s admit, most of us have dreamt about what kind of life partner we wish to have. Some might have a long bucket list, while others might linger on the shorter side. Many times, we might find ourselves looking for the ‘perfect one’, yet not knowing what that means. And so, mentioned below here are 5 qualities we insist upon and find essential for a fun and a healthy relationship. If you’ve experienced even one of the below mentioned with your partner, don’t let them go.

They know how to listen

Now we all think we listen, after all, how much can there really be to listening, right? Quite a lot actually. Listening and good communication is a key skill which one needs to develop; it requires you to understand what the other person is going through, their point of view, and to comprehend and eventually come up with constructive responses/solutions. Ah the bliss of good communication! Fortunately, many do and if you find a partner that actually listens, chances are: they’re a keeper.

They can laugh at themselves

In today’s day and age, people tend to revert to taking situations at hand on a more serious note. And while this might come in handy on occasion, finding you a person who can, quite on the contrary, take a second to just laugh at themselves and breathe? That’s the real trick, and we assure you that finding a partner with a great sense of humor really does simplify things and makes a relationship sail so much smoother.

They let things slide easily

Now these are the kind of people who take things like disagreements and arguments, and rather than nagging or continuously poking at them, they’d much rather just take them at face value and move on once the issue has been resolved. This truly bodes well for and is an essential sign of a healthy relationship.

They understand “space”

Understanding that everyone needs their own space from time to time is a highly important trait of healthy relationships. There will be several times when both of you cannot do everything together, and your partner understanding this shows a level of trust and comfort in your relationship. This could range from when one of you cannot make it to a family event/ outing, or when you might just need some “me” time by yourself, or even just time with your family or friends.

They keep their inner child alive

And in keeping their inner child alive, they spark yours as well. These are those who are eager to learn new things and are open to new experiences. They are always ready to explore with you, and in doing so they make your lives together that much more memorable fun.

And with that, I hope that perhaps you’ve jotted down just a few more key traits onto that bucket list of yours for that perfect future partner, and that your search will one day culminate in success, for you.

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Image Credits - Rajat Sarki