5 Musts to Follow When You Start Dating Someone New

5 Musts to Follow When You Start Dating Someone New

So here you are, hunting for advice it would seem. New relationships can be complicated and that just happens to be the fact of the matter, even more so for long term relationships. Navigating through them and finding success in one, should be an enjoyable experience. Knowing how to find your ideal partner, what to look for in them, and recognizing these things for what they are? This requires being conscious about dating. Read on to learn tips about finding “The One’’, that everyone wishes they had known when they first met.

1. Intimacy: We desire it, it’s only human nature to do so. More often than not, when one hears the word intimacy, we largely only associate it with physical intimacy. However, on the contrary, intimacy includes a vast array of concepts that transcend just the physical nature of it. Most importantly, intimacy requires both partners to gain a thorough understanding of one other, and such depth allows for better decision making as partners and helps both to achieve greater heights together in their relationship. Even if both partners have come together and met under the pretext that both are interested in a committed relationship, there are many other factors to be considered here, and such requisite intimacy can never be rushed. Take your time, understand one another, and trust the process.

2. Take it slow: Now in our rush to gain this oh-so-important intimacy that we just talked about, there’s every chance that we say too much too soon, leaving ourselves in a vulnerable position that many might, frankly, deem not ideal. And that’s alright. Vulnerability is something that we should reserve for those we trust, so let’s be real: trust must be earned, there’s no 2 ways about it. So take your time with your partner, get to know them and what makes them tick, and don’t worry about being stingy with your trust.

3. Be yourself: As clichéd as this may initially sound, being yourself is the best thing that you can do for yourself. If you really see a future with your partner, showing them the real, albeit humanly flawed, but authentic version of yourself opens the relationship up to a multitude of opportunities and is truly more sustainable in terms of the fact that showing them who you really are from day one is so much easier than putting on a facade that will eventually have to painstakingly come down one day.

4. Pay attention to the signs: What’s essential to remember is that meaningful relationships go beyond just the butterflies and rainbows. To build a lasting relationship, both partners have to be compatible with one another in a way that transcends that initial spark you both feel. So, if you find yourself wondering or thinking things like, “this person would be so much better if they’d change so and so aspect of themselves”, listen to yourself. These may seem like mere ideas initially, but they’ll only grow stronger over time as the relationship progresses, and wistfully wishing your partner to be a different person isn’t sustainable long term. That isn’t to say don’t talk to them; communication is key for any lasting relationship. Just don’t let these aspects of your potentially problematic current partner, eclipse your desire to find your perfect partner in the long run.

5. Heal: And most importantly, don’t forget to heal. Heartbreak can be tough, but what really makes that extra ounce of a difference is when we take time for ourselves to heal and accept whatever happened for what it is and to keep moving. In doing so, we open ourselves up to brand new avenues of joy and love again and allow ourselves happiness in a relationship once more.

And with that, we hope we’ve helped you along this road to love in finding your ideal partner with these simple, but essential tips. Forming valuable relationships is an important part of life, and in creating healthy, sustainable, and compatible ones in the long run, we again bring ourselves closer to a certain valuable kind of happiness.

As appeared in Thrive Global.